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Seattle Lawyers Discuss How to Buy a Motorcycle in 7 Steps

Motorcycle riding is not only a more economical form of transportation, but provides more maneuverability and a freedom unlike that for drivers of cars. But riding a motorcycle is not all fun and games. It carries certain risks that every rider must be aware of. Taking the proper motorcycle safety courses and getting the appropriate motorcycle endorsement on your license are all part of being a safe rider, but you also have to make sure you are riding the right bike.

If you’ve decided that you want to enter the world of motorcycling, you’ll need to know how to buy a motorcycle and, Motorcycle USA conveniently offers seven steps that can get you from wanting a bike to actually purchasing the best motorcycle for you.

Step 1

Know your experience level. If you have never ridden before, make sure to take a class before you think about actually buying your own motorcycle. Spending thousands of dollars on a motorcycle and then realizing that you’re not suited to riding is not the best financial decision.

Step 2

Figure out what style of riding you want to do so that you know which type of motorcycle will work best for you. Will the motorcycle be for commuting to and from work? Taking long cross-country trips? Track days? Hitting the trails? Know what you want to do with the bike, then find the bike that fits those activities.

Step 3

Don’t just buy the first motorcycle you like. Do research. Check out different models online and read through reviews. You can also find the bike’s specifications and MSRP.

Step 4

This is actually part of Step 3, but it is important… Decide how much money you want to spend on your motorcycle. There are a lot of good “starter” bikes that are less expensive, like the Kawasaki Ninja 250. Remember that there will be taxes and other fees too.

Step 5

Always test ride your motorcycle if you can. A lot of dealerships will let you take a “demo ride.” Additionally, motorcycle rallies are a good place to test out new motorcycles.

You want to make sure the seat is comfortable and that its height allows you to put both feet comfortably on the ground when stopped. While testing out the bike, run through the gears, roll on the throttle, and work the brakes a few times. Make sure it handles well at low and high speeds and don’t forget to run through a few curvy roads to get a feel for the handling.

Step 6

Make sure you register your bike as soon as possible. If you purchase the bike through a dealer, they will take you through the process. If you get a used bike, the seller needs to give you a copy of the title and registration. Also, don’t forget to buy insurance!

Step 7

Finally, make sure you buy the proper riding gear to go along with the bike. It looks good and keeps you safer in the event of a motorcycle accident. The most important piece of riding gear is a DOT-approved helmet. Other riding gear includes durable jacket, gloves, boots, and reinforced riding pants.

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Unfortunately, having the right motorcycle can’t protect you from a traffic accident. If you have been injured in a Washington motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of another driver, the Seattle motorcycle accident lawyers at Pendergast Law, can help. Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options: 888-539-9211.

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