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Injuries Common in Seattle Rear End Motorcycle Accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

By Pendergast Law on July 8, 2016

Every time a motorcyclist gets onto their bike and hits the road, they are at risk for bodily injury. Motorcycles don’t offer the same buffer zone that other vehicles have. There’s no steel frame surrounding them, and other than their helmet, they have very little protection. Of all the accidents that can occur between a motorcycle and another vehicle, one in which they get rear-ended can be the worst.

When another vehicle comes from behind, a motorcyclist has no way of preparing for the accident, such as bracing for impact or even trying to move out of the way. Injuries can be much greater to the motorcyclist as well, as they can easily be thrown off their bike, and even into the path of another car. Because of this, there are three injuries most common in Seattle rear end motorcycle accidents.

  • Broken bones: Of course, broken bones are some of the most common injuries suffered in any auto accident, and the same is true for motorcycles. While it might be the crushing force of collapsing steel, or the ground and surroundings around them, if a motorcyclist gets rear-ended, it’s likely that they will suffer at least a few broken bones.
  • Amputations: These can occur either during the accident or afterwards. There are immense forces at work during a motorcycle accident, and those can cause steel and other vehicle parts to accidentally amputate the limbs or extremities of the motorcyclist. These forces can also cause body parts to become crushed during the crash, which can later only be treated by removing them altogether.
  • Severe brain injuries: A helmet can certainly provide some protection to a motorcyclist when they’re rear-ended, but they’re often not enough. Even if the cyclist isn’t thrown from their bike, the bike may likely fall over, and the rider along with it. That fall can cause a person’s head to make a great impact with the ground below them, which can cause severe concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes the effects of these injuries can be life-long and can greatly impact the quality of the rider’s life.

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