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Why Do Swimming Pool Electrocutions Happen in Seattle?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2016 | Swimming Pool Accident

By Pendergast Law on October 3, 2016

The recent news of a California man who was electrocuted while trying to save his children from his backyard pool has once again raised awareness of a serious safety issue when it comes to America’s swimming pools, a warning that Seattle area residents should definitely take heed of.

The particulars of this incident are all too familiar. Investigators suspect that faulty wiring in the 1950’s home caused the grounding to lose contact and electrified the pool. Authorities recommend that electricity in and around pools be inspected twice a year to prevent such accidents from happening.

Pool accidents are far too common, with frequent injuries including accidental drownings, impact injuries to heads and limbs, and broken necks caused by diving. But swimming pool electrocutions, while rare, do occur and could easily be prevented if the right safety measures were taken.

Public and private pools in municipalities, hotels, water parks, and apartment complexes, are sources of tremendous amusement, but the number of accidents is alarming. If you or a loved one have suffered from an electrical accident in a swimming pool, your family may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Electricity is an essential component for maintaining a swimming pool, but everyone knows that combining electricity and water can be a lethal combination. That’s why it is imperative that swimming pools be properly constructed and maintained. The possible causes of an electrical malfunction, according to the Consumer Product Safety Committee, include:

  • Electronic devices such as extension cords, power tools, radios, and TVs, falling into pools while  plugged in (28 deaths)
  • Malfunctioning, improperly installed, faulty, or ungrounded underwater pool lights (13 deaths)
  • Malfunctioning, improperly installed, or faulty pool pumps (10 deaths)
  • Malfunctioning, improperly installed, or faulty sump pumps, pool vacuums, and pressure washers (9 deaths)

An electrical malfunction in or around a swimming pool can cause grave injury or even death. If you or a loved one has suffered such an injury, it’s important to determine who might be liable so that you can receive proper compensation. That might include the owner of the property where the pool is located, the parties involved in installing the pool, the parties charged with maintenance and inspection of the pool facilities, and/or the manufacturer of any faulty pool equipment.

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