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Congratulations to the Make Your Mark Scholarship Winners!

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Firm News

By Pendergast Law on July 1, 2020

Making your mark on the world is not an easy feat. It requires determination, patience, an open mind, and grit. Not everyone succeeds, but many are in it for the long game, looking to the future and planning on how they will affect change in their communities and the world at large.

That is what our team saw in the finalists for the 2020 Make Your Mark Scholarship. Since we revealed their names to the world, we have been thoroughly reading and re-reading their essays to determine who has truly left their mark on us and deserves to win a $500 scholarship to help further their academic goals. Today, we have decided on our two winners of the Make Your Mark Scholarship.

Congratulations to our Washington winner:

Olivia O. from Bothell, WA

Congratulations to our National winner:

Ruchir B. from San Ramon, CA

Both of you captivated us with your essays, clearly laying out not only how you plan on making your mark, but why it matters so much to you. You led us on fantastic journeys that showcased your personalities, strengths, and passions. We are inspired by your dreams and are more than honored to help you along with your academic pursuits. We encourage everyone to read Olivia and Ruchir’s essays, along with the essays of our past winners.

To everyone who applied, thank you for stepping forward and sharing with us your dreams and goals! We all seek to make our marks on the world in big and small ways, and your applications demonstrated your outstanding potential. We cannot wait to see how you fulfill it and send ripples across the world.

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