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Report: Washington’s drivers have a road rage problem

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Firm News

According to a report from Forbes, Washington’s drivers have a problem with road rage. Based on Forbes’ data, Washington has the 9th most confrontational drivers in the country.

This report also shows that the drivers in this state are more likely to exhibit aggressive and confrontational behavior than drivers of other states in the Pacific Northwest.

Granted, honking or even giving a rude gesture does not necessarily mean a Seattle driver will cause a motor vehicle accident.  However, it is hard to ignore the apparent connection between aggressive driving and traffic accidents.

Of those surveyed for the Forbes report, over 1 out of 5 people said they saw an accident happen because one driver was operating in an angry or aggressive manner.

Also, many reported confrontational behaviors are also obviously unsafe.

The report described how many people saw drivers angrily speed, sometimes to keep a person out of their lane. Other drivers in a fit of rage tailed a person closely or intentionally cut off a driver with whom they were angry.

In extreme cases, angry drivers have forced vehicles off the road.

Even unnecessary honking or making gestures is potentially confusing and distracting, and not just to the driver on the receiving end of it. Other motorists and an angry driver can also have their concentration interrupted.

Those who cause accidents because of aggression are responsible

Washington drivers who drive in a confrontational manner run the risk of causing a serious traffic accident.

If they do so, then stress, heavy traffic or even the other driver’s perceived mistake will not be an excuse. The aggressive driver will have to pay for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.