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How can I help my kid bike safely in Washington this summer?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2024 | Bicycle Accident

Remember the thrill of hopping on your bike during those long summer days? The wind in your hair, the sense of freedom — it is a feeling we want to pass on to our children. But we want to do so in a way that helps to ensure their safety. Some tips to help achieve this balance include the following.

#1: Choose the right bike size

Kids typically learn to bike between ages 4 and 7. Make sure their bike is the right size — feet able to reach the ground when sitting on the saddle.

Proper bike size ensures better control and balance.

#2: Helmet use

Helmets are beneficial, even for short rides. A properly-worn helmet can prevent serious injury. To check if the fit is correct, use the following:

  • EYES check: The helmet should be one to two finger-widths above the child’s eyebrows and the child should be able to look up and see the rim of the helmet.
  • EARS check: Straps should form a “V” under the child’s ears when buckled.
  • MOUTH check: Have the child open their mouth wide. The helmet should feel snug. Tighten straps if needed.

These tips work for most helmet styles. Teach your child to wear their helmet consistently.

#3: Road rules

Teach your child traffic rules. Riding safely means understanding stop signs, right of way, and hand signals. It can help to take some rides with them at the beginning of each season. Even older kids can use a reminder of safe biking practices. Show them how to navigate intersections and crosswalks.

Supervise until they can handle road situations independently.

#4: Choose the right location

Every family will have different boundaries. Discuss these with your children so you are all on the same page. It is generally wise to stick to safe areas: neighborhoods, parks, or paved pathways and avoid busy streets or bike lanes where kids might be hard to spot. Unfortunately, the roadways in Washington are not always built for the safety of pedestrians or bikers. Teach kids to be proactive in their safety to avoid a tragic accident.