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What To Do …If You Are In A Car Accident

When a serious accident injury strikes, there are a number of things you should – and should not – do to protect your rights. You want to be sure you are covered, and ultimately compensated, for all the damages, both personal and emotional, that you have suffered. Most important, when you suffer any personal injury, whether in a traffic collision close to home or while traveling or on the job, you should follow these five key rules:

1. Be careful what you say to insurance companies.

Do not answer any questions from the other side's insurance company or attorney without approval from your Seattle injury attorney. They will want a statement from you after the collision, but understand that information on your past medical care or additional treatments before this accident may be used against you later and certain treatments may then be denied.

2. Tell your doctor or healthcare provider about all your symptoms.

An insurance company evaluates your claim based in great measure on your doctor's records and reports. So be thorough in relaying your symptoms, including any pain you may be experiencing. And be diligent about following through with all medical treatments; your claim could be damaged by missed appointments or not cooperating with your doctor.

3. Know that you may be investigated.

An insurance company, even your own, may hire a private investigator to monitor your physical activities. This could include videotaping you or interviewing your neighbors.

4. Don't settle without consulting with your doctor.

Some insurance companies may pressure you to settle your claim prematurely while you are still being treated by your healthcare provider. Only settle when you and your doctor can reliably predict your future healthcare needs and expenses.

5. Don't sign a release without consulting your attorney.

A release ends your claims with the insurance company, and you cannot file additional expenses or claims once you have signed it. The highly qualified Seattle injury attorneys at Pendergast Law law firm will provide you with a FREE consultation, at no obligation to you, about your auto accident, personal injury or wrongful death case. Simply contact us about your injury or call toll-free at (888) 228-3860.

In addition to the above, we have developed information on what you should do for specific types of personal injuries that will help you to understand what to do immediately following an accident, after the accident, and during the claims process.

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