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In Seattle and all throughout the state of Washington, millions of people take to the streets and the roadways every day to get to work, go to the grocery store, visit friends and family, and perform other tasks. While most are able to get through their day without incident, some less fortunate get into traffic accidents, usually fender benders involving only minimal property damage. However, injury-causing and even fatal accidents also occur on a daily basis. Sometimes, victims are left with minor wounds that take just a few days or weeks to completely recover from, but incur considerable medical costs. Other times, lives are devastated in more ways than one, or taken away completely, leaving loved ones with significant burdens.

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Negligence and Liability

Although traffic accidents generally do not involve malicious intent, they do result from negligence, which is not necessarily criminal but can be harmful all the same. Everyone has the duty to exercise a certain standard of care when on the road. If a person ends up causing harm to another because he or she failed to exercise that standard of care, then he or she should make the victim whole through compensation. Unfortunately, adequate settlements are hardly ever offered freely, and lawsuits, in which the victim has the burden of proof to establish liability, are often necessary.

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To obtain the full and fair settlement award you deserve, seek professional legal counsel from the excellent Seattle personal injury attorneys at Pendergast Law. We will investigate your case, guide you throughout the claims process, and help you lay bare the details surrounding the accident in a clear and convincing manner, all to render your claim as solid as can be. You can discuss the specificities of your case with us in a free consultation by calling our office or submitting an online contact form.

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Wrongful Death
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Degloving Injury
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Car Accident
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