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Premises Liability | Seattle Personal Injury & Accident Blog

Who Is Liable for Swimming Pool Accidents?

By Pendergast Law on July 5, 2021

A pool at a resort.

A warm summer day and a cool swimming pool sound like a perfect combination, but only when the waters are safe. Swimming pools present a number of risks, from drownings to diving injuries, and it is the responsibility of the property owner to minimize these dangers. If an owner allows a swimmer to be injured because of a safety hazard, they may be liable for all damages.

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Posted in: Premises Liability

How Much Liability Can a Seattle Landlord Have in an Injury Claim?

By Pendergast Law on March 9, 2021

When you move into a new apartment building or rent out an office space, you do so trusting that the property is secure and free of any danger. You justifiably believe that you can go about your day as normal without the risk of suffering a serious injury.

Sadly, that is not always the case in Seattle.

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Posted in: Premises Liability

Stadium Safety Tips of Football Season

By Pendergast Law on November 13, 2019

The legal team at Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S., never gets tired of cheering when Seahawks football season comes around, and this year is no different! We also never tire of is making sure our friends and neighbors in the Seattle community enjoy the football season safely when taking in a game at CenturyLink Field. In order to help ensure your safety and enjoyment during game day, we have put together some tips to help you avoid an accident or injury at the game. Read the rest »

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Seattle, Land of Vacation Rentals (and Accidents)

By Pendergast Law on August 10, 2018

There is nothing more depressing and unlucky than getting physically hurt while on vacation. A time that should have been spent having fun and relaxing in the sun turns into a scary situation where medical treatment might be necessary. Summer is here, and with the boom of Airbnb, almost anyone can enjoy a vacation stay in a different city, state, or even country, without shelling out exorbitant money on hotel prices.

Although most Airbnb stays are very safe, you can never be sure that the pictures you see online show you everything, including the potential dangers that await you in your host location. Read the rest »

Posted in: Premises Liability

While You Cheer Your Team, Watch Out for These Stadium Dangers

By Pendergast Law on June 2, 2018

From CenturyLink Field to Safeco Field to Key Arena to Memorial Stadium, there are many stadiums and sporting events around Seattle that attract thousands of fans almost every day. Read the rest »

Posted in: Premises Liability

Safety at the Ballgame

By Pendergast Law on November 5, 2017

Earlier this year, an overeager fan nearly plummeted to his death at Fenway Park while trying to reach for a foul ball. Thankfully, he did not ultimately fall over the railing, but the incident does make one question the safety of these types of events. Read the rest »

Posted in: Premises Liability

If Someone Is Illegally on Your Property and Gets Hurt, Can He Sue You?

By Pendergast Law on July 28, 2017

private-property-warning-no-trespassing-fence-gatePremises liability law in Seattle states that property owners are responsible for ensuring that any visitor will be kept safe while on their property. But there is a caveat: when someone is trespassing or otherwise on the property illegally, the property owner is not responsible for his or her safety.

The law seems very clear on this point. So why then, in some cases, are property owners still held liable when someone is on their property illegally and that person is hurt?

It depends on the situation. Read the rest »

Posted in: Premises Liability

Winter Weather & Premises Liability – Fixing Safety Hazards

By Pendergast Law on February 2, 2017

Premises liability cases result from incidents of personal injury or wrongful death caused by a dangerous condition on someone’s property. Premises liability accident victims may bring civil action against a property owner to obtain compensation for damages such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages from missed work, pain and suffering, and more. During the holidays and winter months, there are some potential hazards that are unique to this time of year to keep in mind.
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Posted in: Premises Liability

Are Stores Responsible if Customers Get Hurt on Black Friday?

By Pendergast Law on November 23, 2016

You’ve heard the stories. A customer gets punched by another customer while fighting over the last Xbox a store carries. Or a woman gets trampled when a store’s doors open for their big Black Friday sales. While Black Friday shopping accidents aren’t always this extreme, they happen more than people think and often, injuries resulting from Black Friday shopping occur. When they do, the question most often asked is: are stores responsible if customers get hurt on Black Friday?

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Posted in: Premises Liability

Why Do Seattle Amusement Park Accidents Happen?

By Pendergast Law on September 23, 2016

A recent report from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries indicated that area amusement parks reported two accidents involving rides and 19 unauthorized ride operators. The amusement park accident report brings into focus the potential dangers posed by amusement park rides to local residents. Read the rest »

Posted in: Premises Liability

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