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Slip-and-Fall Accidents | Seattle Personal Injury & Accident Blog

Autumn Weather and Treacherous Slip and Falls

By Pendergast Law on September 6, 2021

Autumn leaves on wet sidewalk.

Autumn weather brings with it a lot to be grateful for, including Halloween, back to school sales, and cooler weather, yet there are also certain unique dangers with it. Seattle seasons almost always include a touch of rain, but autumn sparks the beginning of Washington’s truly rainy weather and wet sidewalks. Coupled with falling leaves, pedestrians must be extra careful when visiting local businesses, as walkways, entrances, and sidewalks can become the sites of serious slip and falls.

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Will Comparative Negligence Affect a Senior’s Slip-and-Fall Claim?

By Pendergast Law on February 23, 2021

People over 65 are considered the most at risk for suffering serious trauma in a fall, whether that is a traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, a hip fracture, or even death. Even though they are more prone to falls than others, many senior slip-and-fall cases are the results of someone else’s negligence, oftentimes a property owner who failed to clean up a spill or left a trip hazard in an entrance way.

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Winter Means More Slip-and-Fall Accidents

By Pendergast Law on January 8, 2018

Most slip-and-fall accidents are caused by objects on the ground that trip someone, poor lighting in an area like a stairwell, or walkways in poor repair. During the winter, weather plays a large part in creating unsafe conditions. Falling rain, sleet, and snow often result in wet and slippery sidewalks. These conditions can make reasonably safe areas quite treacherous, and when combined with poor lighting or cracked sidewalks, present an even greater danger for pedestrians. Read the rest »

Who’s Responsible for Falls at Seattle Stadiums?

By Pendergast Law on October 14, 2017

Sports fans flock to Seattle stadiums like CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field every year to watch their favorite teams play. But sometimes, the action doesn’t stay on the field—particularly when a fan gets hurt in a slip-and-fall (or trip-and-fall) somewhere in the stadium. Read the rest »

‘Tis the Season for Slip and Falls Involving Snow or Ice

By Pendergast Law on December 8, 2016

The winter months are fast approaching in Seattle and ‘tis the season for slip and falls involving snow and ice. During these months, patches of ice can quickly form on cold cement, and piles of snow can quickly crowd out sidewalks, making them quite dangerous. If you slip and fall, it can lead to injuries such as cuts and bruises, broken bones, or worse. This can ruin anyone’s holidays, and it’s natural to be angry and wonder who’s to blame. The experienced Seattle personal injury lawyers at Hardwick & Pendergast P.S. can help you find out who that is.

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Winter Time Means More Seattle Slip and Falls

By Pendergast Law on November 7, 2016

Winter is approaching, and with it in the Seattle area is the arrival of the rainy season. With so much rain coming our way, it means there will be plenty of wet sidewalks and floors and, on the coldest days, the potential for ice as well. That means the danger of slipping and falling increases as well.

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