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Off-Duty Deputy Injured in King County Motorcycle Crash

By Pendergast Law on June 3, 2013

A 47-year-old off-duty King County Sheriff’s deputy has been critically injured in a Washington motorcycle accident. According to The News Tribune, the motorcycle crash occurred in the 7500 block of 176th Street East near Frederickson. Officials are searching for witnesses to the crash, which they suspect involved a white van making a U-turn in front of the motorcycle. No other vehicles were found at the scene of the crash, but skid marks indicated that the deputy had to stop abruptly. The victim has been listed in critical condition.

Washington law clearly defines what constitutes an illegal U-turn. Under RCW 46.61.295: “The driver of any vehicle shall not turn such vehicle so as to proceed in the opposite direction unless such movement can be made in safety and without interfering with other traffic.” Furthermore, U-turns are not allowed on curves or hills where visibility is limited.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to hold an at-fault driver liable for an accident when he or she leaves the scene of the crash. Hit-and-run accidents are common in Washington and they often involve cases where motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are victims. The cars involved in these types of collisions rarely sustain significant damage, so drivers are typically able to escape from the scene of the crash without even slowing down. Fleeing the scene of a crash is illegal and it leaves the victim in danger of suffering further injury and harm.

Hit-and-run victims in Washington would be well advised to discuss their legal options with an experienced Seattle car accident attorney. Financial compensation may be available even if the authorities do not apprehend the hit-and-run driver. A knowledgeable car accident attorney will have experience pursuing support through uninsured motorist coverage for medical bills, lost wages, and other related damages.

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