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Improve Your Commute & Travel Plans with Washington Travel Alerts

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2020 | Safe Driving

By Pendergast Law on March 1, 2020

Let’s be honest – commuting around Seattle can be a nightmare. If it isn’t rain, ice, or snow causing traffic delays, it is the other commuters clogging up the roads. Here are some useful tools from The Washington State Department of Transportation to help you navigate any road conditions that may arise. We want you to arrive at your destination safely.

  • Travel Alerts. Before you get on the road, check out travel alerts from the DOT. These alerts are listed in order of the highest impact on the flow of traffic to the lowest impact. Travel times are also posted. If you do not see your route listed, no traffic issues have been reported. Happy trails!
  • Traffic Map. You can utilize this visual tool to see which roadways are backed up with traffic, and which are closed entirely. It has an easy-to-read key that identifies roads that are problematic and why.
  • Traffic Cameras. Real-time traffic cameras send photos of traffic directly to the DOT website. You can check the images from the camera on your route via the map. They are also listed alphabetically and numerically by name.
  • Weather Reports. Check the weather report before you head out to ensure you are not surprised by a storm system while you are on the road. Bad weather lends itself to low visibility, which makes being on the road exponentially more dangerous. According to the DOT & Federal Highway Administration, over 38,000 accidents occur in fog nationwide. The statewide weather warnings for Washington are listed by the type of warning, like floods or mudslides, and by which counties are under the warning. You can also check the temperature in various areas so that you are alert to any icy road conditions.
  • Construction Updates. Travel advisories due to construction, or road work, are listed by region. You can also find projected construction schedules for specific areas of your commute. This can help you avoid lane closures and hazardous zones where men and women are working just a few feet from the flow of traffic.
  • Dial 511. So, you got on the road without checking the Washington State DOT’s real-time traffic alerts? No problem. Dial 511 to receive statewide travel information, weather conditions, road incidents, and any maintenance activities directly on your mobile device.

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