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Pendergast Law Personal Injury Lawyers

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No Fees Unless You Win Your Motorcycle Accident

There is no denying that life after a motorcycle crash presents a wide range of emotional, physical, and financial challenges. The stress of unexpected life changes is enough to overwhelm even the strongest individual; however, it’s essential to know that help is available. If another person’s negligence caused your crash or if you’re having difficulty with your insurance company, you may want to access as much information about your legal rights and options as possible.

Recovering from a collision is difficult enough without adding the strain of legal action. With that being said, you may only have one shot at getting the justice you deserve and the money you need to ensure a full recovery. Your questions are important and getting the right answers matter. At Pendergast Law, our Tacoma accident attorneys have dedicated years to protecting the rights of our clients so that compensation is won for a better future. To learn more about how we can help, please call 888-539-9211.

Do I Have A Case?

If another person’s negligence contributed to the collision that caused you to suffer injury, you likely have a case. While not every crash calls for a personal injury claim or a lawsuit, it’s crucial to at least familiarize yourself with the complexities of the law to determine whether you have a case to begin with. It’s not an easy thing to look back and wish that you would’ve taken a stand. Pursuing a claim or lawsuit is a decision that must be taken to heart, as some cases may take years to resolve, while others may end much sooner.

Recovering Damages For Your Losses

As an accident survivor, you know better than most people that it only takes one second for one person’s life to change forever. Recovering from a motorcycle crash can take anywhere from a few months to several years. Some individuals may live with catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, brain injury, or spinal cord injury, for the rest of their lives. Compensation from negligent parties can help an individual receive money for lost wages, medical expenses, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and other damages. Although money can’t undo the damage that’s been done, this degree of restitution can also provide family members of injured victims with financial security and closure.

Holding Negligent Parties Liable

Depending on the circumstances of your motorcycle collision, there may be multiple parties at fault. Our law firm is committed to helping our clients prove liability, whether a negligent driver or a government entity is responsible.

The key factor to building an effective case is feeling comfortable with your attorney and being able to trust him or her. The more your lawyer knows about your life and how the accident has affected your well-being, family, job, and many other aspects of day-to-day living, the better your chances are of your story being presented for a positive result.

At Pendergast Law, our attorneys work diligently to gather all of the appropriate evidence. From consulting with medical experts to those specializing in accident reconstruction, we look at a specific case from all angles and apply focused strategies to get our clients full and just compensation. Please contact us today for a free consultation.