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Seriously Injured by Medical Errors in Washington? We May Be Able to Help.

An incidence of medical malpractice can be filled with emotion, as the patient and his or her loved ones wrestle with the fact that medical professionals can make serious mistakes that breach the "do no harm" relationship between doctor and patient. But when the error is so egregious that even the medical community as a whole agrees that it never should have occurred, the results are often devastating.

These inexplicable actions are labeled "never events," and since they should never happen in the course of reasonable medical care, they are almost always grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent healthcare provider.

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Types of Never Events

Never events aren’t as rare as you might suspect, either. Patients falling in the hospital, developing serious bedsores due to neglect, and having sponges left inside them during surgery are some of the most common never events in the United States. There are 29 official never events, and they fall into the following categories:

  • Surgical mistakes - These include performing surgery on the wrong body part, performing surgery on the wrong patient, or leaving a foreign object inside a patient’s body such as a sponge or medical instrument.
  • Product or device mistakes - These include the misuse of a device or drug, or the use of a contaminated device that results in the death of a patient.
  • Radiological mistakes - These occur when a metal object is introduced into an MRI area and causes serious injury or death to a patient.
  • Patient protection mistakes - These can occur when a patient is released from medical care into the care of unauthorized person, or a patient is left unattended and wanders off from a medical facility and suffers injury, disability, or death as a result.
  • Medical care management events - This category covers a wide range of events, including medical errors involving unsafe blood products, harm to a mother or baby during a low-risk delivery, the loss of a biological specimens, preventable patient falls, and patients developing stage 3 or stage 4 bedsores while in a medical facility.
  • Criminal acts - These include someone who is impersonating a medical professional, abduction of a patient, or any type of sexual or physical abuse of a patient in a medical facility.

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Seeking Compensation After a Never Event

Upon realizing that you or a family member has been the victim of a never event, your first priority should be getting corrective medical care. A patient’s safety and well-being should be placed far above any other considerations. But once the patient is in a safe environment and is receiving proper medical treatment, it is critical that you immediately speak to a medical malpractice attorney about your options for getting compensation for the costs caused by the never event.

Sadly, these indefensible acts are often not investigated fully by the medical facility at which they occurred, for obvious liability reasons. But the legal team at Pendergast Law, has over 40 years of experience in personal injury law, and we know what evidence to look for after a never event.

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40 Years of Experience on Your Side

A call to Pendergast Law, is the first step towards making amends for the pain and suffering the victim was forced to endure. It is easy to be distracted by the immediate issues of medical bills and lost wages, but there are future circumstances that must be addressed as well. Future medical care and expenses could be substantial, as well as long-term living expenses, if the never event caused a debilitating injury to the victim. In addition, the pain and suffering the victim and family experienced demand justice.

Medical facilities would like nothing more than to offer you a fast cash settlement to avoid further litigation. But succumbing to their pressure could result in future medical bills and care far beyond the amount that you receive.

At this emotional time, it is best to allow our Seattle medical malpractice attorneys at Pendergast Law, to work on your behalf to protect your rights and long-term financial interests. Call today at (425) 228-3860 or toll-free (888) 228-3860 and know that a team of legal professionals is working for you while you focus on healing and caring for yourself or your loved one.

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