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Although recent nationwide statistics indicate that the roads have become safer over the past few decades, motor vehicle accident fatalities and injuries remain endemic, and reported annual rates reflect how far we still are from ideal conditions. Every day, motor vehicle accident victims suffer severe injuries that disrupt their very lives and force them to deal with precarious financial situations, mental anguish and emotional strife. Those less fortunate lose their lives and leave behind loved ones to fend for themselves. An accident takes only a brief moment to occur, but the effects can last a lifetime.

At Pendergast Law, we believe that the best professionals of all types spend their careers honing their abilities in a specific field rather than just gaining passable proficiency in a wide range of skills. By focusing primarily on motor vehicle accident cases, our experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys have established a strong reputation for dependability and efficiency with clients throughout the state of Washington. To learn more about our firm’s history of success, call us today at 888-539-9211.

“I had fabulous representation from Pendergast Law. The whole company is very service- and detail-oriented. Every step of the way, they made me feel informed and well represented – the great result demonstrates that I made the right choice. I recommend them highly.”
– Laurie M., Seattle, WA

Managing Your Affairs In Your Stead

After a tragic accident has occurred, it may be difficult to deal with the personal injury or wrongful death claims process due to stress and physical and emotional pain. Furthermore, the insurance company may take advantage of your vulnerable state in order to sabotage your claims case, resulting in an inadequate settlement or even denial. With our assistance, however, you can concentrate on your recovery and leave the claims dispute up to us. Through many years of practice, our Seattle car accident lawyers have gained a deep familiarity with the ruthless tactics insurance companies commonly employ to avoid full and fair payments and can protect you from them.

Handling Complex Cases With Efficiency

Not all motor vehicle accident cases are the same. Some are more complex than others, and in these cases, liability is not cut and dry. We have the knowledge to resolve these kinds of accident cases, which include:

  • Hit-and-run accidents: Unfortunately, the liable party is not always identified in hit-and-run accident cases, which naturally leads to complications concerning compensation. However, there are other ways to get what’s needed for recovery. For example, we can help victims establish an uninsured motorist claim with their own insurance companies, an option not many know about.
  • Single-vehicle accidents: Just because an accident does not involve another motorist does not necessarily mean that the victim is solely responsible. Dangerous roadways or defective auto parts may be causes, and liability of another party (government entities, auto manufacturers) can be established in these cases.
  • Passenger injury accidents: Passengers can seek compensation for their injuries from both the driver of the vehicle they were in and from other involved motorists, depending on the circumstances.

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If you or a loved one has been injured or lost in a motor vehicle accident, get in touch with the highly qualified Washington personal injury attorneys at Pendergast Law today. We will provide you with a free, comprehensive consultation. Call 888-539-9211 or contact us online. Se habla español.

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