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How Can We Help After A Rental Car Or Truck Accident In Washington?

Have you recently rented a car, truck or van in Washington state? Was the rental you were driving involved in an accident? Were you or any of your passengers injured as a result of another driver’s negligent actions on the road? If so, you may be entitled to take legal action against the at-fault driver. But in order to do so, you’ll need a strong advocate in your corner, representing your interests and fighting for the compensation you deserve. Contact the experienced team of Seattle car accident attorneys at Pendergast Law to get the counsel you need following your rental car accident.

The number to dial is 888-539-9211 to speak with one of our representatives and schedule a consultation today.

Accidents involving rental vehicles can be complicated. Contact a Seattle rental car accident lawyer for help and a free consultation today.

Like any car accident, rental accidents can result in minor to serious injuries. Whether you were visiting Seattle for the weekend, taking a road trip out of state or renting a truck to move all of your furniture across town, there is any number of situations where you could be involved in an accident.

Unlike other accidents, you are now in a strange vehicle, maybe in a new town that you’ve never been in before. This can only add to the stress and frustration of the situation, on top of the injuries you may have suffered. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, you could be dealing with:

Whatever problems you may be currently facing in regard to your rental car accident, Pendergast Law can provide the comprehensive legal counsel and representation you need. Give us a call for more information.

To Waive Or Not To Waive In Washington

When most people reach the insurance part of the rental agreement, they begin playing an internal odds game of: Do I really need this? What are the odds that I’ll get into an accident today? Is this policy really worth the money? Unfortunately, car accidents happen when you least expect them, so the odds can be stacked against you. With that said, does the liability coverage provided by the rental company cover you in an accident you’re not responsible for? It depends. Most insurance contracts submitted through a rental agreement are loaded with potential exceptions, clauses and subclauses. Once again, the odds are generally not in your favor when it comes to the in-house insurance plans.

However this does not mean you aren’t without options. Between your own insurance, the insurance offered by the rental house and the at-fault driver’s own coverage, there are different ways to get financial compensation. The key to securing any damages will be a strong Washington personal injury attorney with extensive experience dealing with automobile accidents and aggressive insurance companies. Do not attempt to take these entities on by yourself – get the proper representation!

We’ve Got You Covered

Car accidents involving rental vehicles can be difficult situations. There are a number of different groups – from the car rental agency to the insurance companies – that are going to have their say in who gets what and how soon. Before any one of these groups provides a final offer, be sure to first speak with the car accident attorneys at Pendergast Law. Our number is 888-539-9211.

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