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Get Help After A Night Collision In Washington

Driving at night is more dangerous than driving in the daytime, but some people choose to ignore this fact and drive with broken lights or no lights at all. Some even do so while speeding, driving aggressively or being distracted in one way or another.

If you or a family member has been injured in a nighttime collision, the time to act is now. Call our Seattle car accident attorneys at Pendergast Law and explore your legal options. Too often, at-fault drivers are allowed to walk away without being held accountable. We won’t let that happen. Call 888-539-9211 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced personal injury team.

Why Do Drivers Crash At Night?

The National Safety Council has found that the risk of a fatal crash is three times greater at night. Although we do only 25% of our driving at night, 50% of the traffic deaths in the U.S. occur at night. The main reasons for nighttime crashes include:

  • Poor visibility
  • More drunk drivers on the road
  • More drowsy drivers on the road
  • More long-haul truckers on the road, who often suffer from chronic fatigue
  • Rush hour going in and out of the city

At night, your depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision are worse, and the glare of oncoming headlights can temporarily blind you. Elderly drivers are susceptible to more vision loss at night, and if they are taking prescription medication, it can also lead to drowsiness and a crash.

The first and last months of the year, along with daylight saving time, bring an increase in darkness, inclement weather like rain and fog, and nighttime collisions. Winter is not a good time to be on the road in Washington state.

Possible Injuries In A Nighttime Accident

Because it’s nighttime, it may be harder for emergency medical services to get to you after a crash, and it’s a good idea to move your vehicle out of the road to avoid a secondary accident. These crashes can cause serious injuries, such as:

How Can A Lawyer Help After A Collision?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the collision, you could be eligible for compensation for:

  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Medical procedures and surgeries
  • Ongoing and long-term doctor visits
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

It’s only natural to wonder what a good lawyer could do now. After all, the damage is done. There is some truth to this; there is only so much that can be done through legal means. However, with our help, you may be able to secure a settlement, which will help you overcome the financial hurdles you face due to the accident. You will also be able to manage your recovery in a more comfortable fashion and with peace of mind.

Contact A Washington Nighttime Driving Accident Attorney Today

With our counsel, you will be able to hold the negligent party accountable and recover the funds you need to move on with your life. But you will need to act quickly. Because nighttime accidents occur when there are few witnesses and even fewer cameras, evidence can disappear overnight. The sooner you are able to contact a Seattle auto accident lawyer at our firm and schedule a free consultation, the sooner we will be able to investigate the cause of your collision. Call today at 888-539-9211.

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