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Compensation For Hot Water Burns And Scalds

Hot water burns, or scalds, can happen just about anywhere, though they are most common in the home. Regular burns are caused by dry heat, which often comes from a fire or a hot object. Scalds occur from liquid heat, from things like hot drinks, boiling water and steam.

Most scalding injuries could have been prevented with a little caution on the part of the homeowner or person handling the hot liquid, but not always. If you or a loved one has been scalded by hot water, speak to an experienced Seattle burn injury attorney at Pendergast Law. Your consultation is free, and we will put our best efforts toward finding compensation for your injuries and expenses.

Scalds On Children

Scalds are a leading cause of injuries to children between 12 to 24 months old; they can also be some of the most devastating. Scalds are not only incredibly painful, but they can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement as well. Scars on the face, arms and other visible areas can be a great source of embarrassment and humiliation for a child, and they can change his or her quality of life. In the worst cases, depending on where the burns occurred on their bodies, scalding can also kill young children.

Most scald injuries to children are caused by hot liquids such as tea, coffee or soup. These injuries are definitely preventable, and if the child was being watched by a caregiver when he or she suffered the scald, that person may be legally responsible for paying the medical bills. Soup served for lunch may have simply been too hot, or a careless day care worker could have left his or her cup of scalding tea within a child’s reach before turning his or her attention away from the child.

When another person’s negligence is the cause of a child’s burn injury, the parents may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against that person. They may also be able to file a lawsuit against the company running the child care service as well, particularly if management knew of the worker’s history of negligence and continued to keep him or her on staff. When in doubt, speak to an attorney to find out your options.

Scalds From Household Hazards

Most people know how to keep themselves and their children safe, especially when they are in their own homes. Adults know to turn the tap when water is too hot. They also know to check the temperature of a child’s bathwater before placing the child in the tub. But not all accidents can be prevented, especially when homeowners aren’t aware of the dangers. For instance, if a hot water heater breaks suddenly, a man washing dishes will not be aware of it. And when he plunges his hands into the scalding water, he could easily be burned.

But even when the home’s owner or tenant could not have prevented the accident, that doesn’t mean that the accident was completely unpredictable. If the hot water heater was defective either in design or installation and that defect was the cause of the scald, the manufacturer of the hot water tank could be held responsible for providing compensation for the injuries that resulted from it.

Taking on the large companies that create products for the home can be very difficult, as they often have teams of lawyers and big budgets that provide them with the best defense possible. People who have been injured by a defective product in their home should speak with an experienced attorney who can review their case and, if negligence is found, help them win it.

Scalds In The Workplace

There are certain workplaces that pose a greater risk of scald injuries than others. For instance, restaurant workers are often around boiling liquids in pots on the stove or oil in the deep fryer. They could get hurt due to someone else’s negligence or, perhaps, in an accident in which no one is to blame.

In either case, employees who suffer from a workplace accident cannot file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer or a co-worker. Instead, they will need to file a claim through workers’ compensation. There is an exception to this rule if the employer or co-worker intentionally caused harm to the victim, but these cases are very difficult and come with many complications.

Workers’ compensation claims can be complicated as well, and they do not always provide enough money to cover the damages and expenses resulting from the injury. It’s for this reason that employees should still contact an attorney when filing a workers’ compensation claim, to help get the full benefits they deserve.

Contact A Scald Attorney In Washington

If you, your child or another loved one has been injured by a hot water burn or scalding injury, contact Pendergast Law at 888-539-9211. Our attorneys have experience representing families and individuals with these types of claims. We will review your case with you for free, and if a claim can be made, we will work hard to get you the full compensation you deserve from an insurance company or from the negligent parties.

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