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Common Causes Of Vehicle Accidents In Seattle

There are many potential causes of vehicle accidents in Washington. Not all crashes are serious. But when there is a serious collision, the injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, please contact an experienced Seattle car collision lawyer to determine your legal rights and options.

Determining the cause of a crash is an important step in receiving compensation for the injuries and losses suffered. Below are some of the most common causes of vehicle collisions in Washington.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence (DUI) is the most common cause of fatal car accidents in Washington. According to a report by the Washington State Department of Transportation, 237 fatal crashes in Washington were alcohol-related in 2015.


Exceeding the speed limit and driving at an unsafe speed are two of the most common causes of car crashes. According to statistics, 150 people were killed, 437 were seriously injured and 6,235 sustained minor injuries in Washington speed-related crashes in a recent one-year period.

Distracted Driving

Drivers who are on the phone, eating, drinking, fiddling with the radio, talking to friends or reading put everyone on the roadway at risk. A driver does not have to be cited by the authorities for distracted driving to be found civilly liable for the collisions they cause.

Failure To Obey Traffic Safety Devices

Stop signs and traffic lights must be obeyed at all times. Intersections are a common location for serious collisions and many accidents occur because drivers fail to obey traffic control devices.

Failure To Yield Right Of Way

Drivers exiting private driveways must yield to traffic before merging onto the roadway. Drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Pedestrians must yield to drivers when trying to cross where there is no crosswalk. Bicyclists must be given the same right-of-way privileges as motorists. Motorists must also yield right of way to oncoming vehicles before making left turns or U-turns.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Drivers who fail to look for other vehicles before changing lanes can cause highway collisions resulting in serious injuries. All motorists would be well-advised to check their rearview mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes.

How To Prove Liability In Seattle Vehicle Collisions

Proving liability for an injury can become difficult if the at-fault driver denies responsibility for the crash. There are a number of questions that injured victims should ask following the crash. Did the authorities cite the other driver for a traffic violation related to the crash? Did the police determine who was responsible for the crash? Did anyone witness the crash? Were proper notes and photos taken immediately following the collision? An experienced attorney knows which questions to ask and how to prove liability.

Our skilled Seattle injury attorneys at Pendergast Law know how to prove liability and hold at-fault drivers accountable for the damages they cause. If you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident in Washington, contact our law offices today at 888-539-9211 for a free consultation and comprehensive case assessment.

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