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Disfigurement And Scarring As A Result Of A Dog Attack

Man’s best friend is commonly known for being loving and loyal. However, dogs require training and guidance from owners in order to be obedient. When a dog’s owner reinforces positive behavior and punishes bad behavior, the dog may become violent or aggressive. In the state of Washington, the vast majority of incidents involving dogs are caused by poorly trained and poorly supervised dogs.

Most dog attacks are caused by dogs with a history of violence or aggression. With a violent or aggressive dog, it does not matter if you are careful around the dog. The dog may attack, catching you off guard when you are vulnerable and ill-equipped to defend yourself. Often times, the dog’s owner is not present and is unaware of the incident. However, Washington law allows dog bite victims to hold these owners liable for any scarring or disfigurement caused by the dog bite.

If you were injured by an unsupervised or untrained dog, the zealous Seattle dog bite lawyers at Pendergast Law can help you hold the owner responsible for the attack. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced with proving negligence. We will review your claim, explain your options, and help you pursue compensation for your injuries. To schedule a free case consultation at our Seattle law firm, call Pendergast Law today at 888-539-9211.

Liability For Dog Bites In Washington

The Washington dog bite statute heavily favors dog bite victims and places harsh sanctions on owners of dogs that cause injuries to others. According to section 16.08.040 of the Revised Code of Washington, the owner of a dog that bites another person may be liable for damages suffered by the victim. This liability covers both public and private property, including the dog owner’s house or yard if the victim had a legal right to be on private property. Individuals who have a legal right to be on private property include guests, such as friends or family members, or individuals who are permitted to be there for a lawful and legitimate purpose, such as a postal worker.

In addition, the dog owner is liable if the dog leaves the house of its own accord and attacks an individual on their private property or in a public space.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if the dog owner was aware of any prior aggression or viciousness or if the dog had a history of being calm and docile.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries can range from temporary and minor pain to death, depending on a variety of factors. Two of the most common dog bite injuries include scarring and disfigurement. Dogs have especially powerful jaws and sharp teeth that can lead to extreme damage during a dog attack. After the wound heals, many victims are left with permanent scars that remind them of the horrifying accident. These scars may interfere with daily life and lead to emotional distress, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition, because a dog during an attack will commonly latch on to a limb or even a person’s head, inflicting great damage, the victim may be left with permanent disfigurement, requiring numerous surgeries.

The compassionate and experienced Seattle personal injury attorneys at Pendergast Law can assist you with pursuing justice for your devastating dog injuries in order to allow you to focus on healing during this difficult time.

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