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Injured In A Parking Lot Accident?

Parking lots may seem to be generally safe, but in fact, can be a dangerous place. A poorly lit parking lot with minimal security, if any, can lead to a dangerous physical or sexual assault, leaving an innocent person suffering terrible consequences. Drivers may be operating vehicles unsafely, backing out suddenly, speeding or other bad driving behavior, causing a collision and serious or even fatal injuries.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a parking lot, you need help from a skilled personal injury lawyer to help you navigate filing a claim or lawsuit against the liable parties. Step one is a full evaluation of the facts in your case.

Causes Of Parking Lot Accidents

Specific types of driving conduct in parking lots can lead to injury accidents, including:

Who Is Liable?

Every vehicle collision has unique facts. The liable party in a parking lot accident is often another driver who made an error in judgment, drove recklessly or did other forms of negligent driving. To file a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for damages, the liable party (or parties) must be identified. If another driver operated a vehicle in a negligent manner, a settlement can be pursued through their auto insurance. In some cases, the compensation available through the insurance company does not cover the scope of losses suffered by a victim, and a lawsuit can be filed in civil court to pursue fair compensation.

Parking Lot Assaults And Premises Liability Claims

If the case involves an assault that led to injuries, the owner or manager of the parking lot could be held liable. Property owners are required to maintain safe premises. If a specific parking lot has been the location of a series of assaults, the parking lot owner or manager may be held liable, as it was “reasonably foreseeable” that another assault could occur. Insufficient lighting, such as burned-out lights, or a lack of safe lighting could make a parking lot more dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. The first step in determining liability is a comprehensive review of all factors in the case.

Parking Lot Car Accidents

Some drivers in Seattle choose to drive aggressively, putting others at risk. When a driver backs out suddenly, it can lead to a collision with serious injuries. Drivers who speed through the parking lot put others in danger. When two (or more) vehicles collide, the injuries sustained can be severe, leaving other drivers and their passengers requiring hospitalization and rehabilitation.

2021 was the deadliest year on roads in Washington in 15 years, with 540 fatal crashes and over 600 losing their lives, and 2411 crashes leading to serious injuries, the highest number since 2006. A percentage of these collisions happened in Seattle parking lots.

Types Of Compensation – What Is Your Case Worth?

The compensation in a parking lot accident comes in two forms:

  • Economic damages: The financial losses associated with the accident, including the cost of medical care, lost wages, lost earning capacity, ongoing medical or nursing care, and other actual financial losses the victim suffers.
  • Noneconomic damages: A victim in a parking lot accident suffers more personal losses, which are given a value. These damages include pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, emotional anguish and others.

To determine the value of your case, a full review of the facts is necessary. Professional resources, such as medical experts, financial experts, or others may be called upon to support a claim or lawsuit.

Why You Need A Lawyer After A Parking Lot Accident

In cases of serious injuries, the need for a skilled personal injury lawyer cannot be overstated. A regular person, attempting to work with an insurance company, may accept a settlement far lower than they should. Once accepted, there is no going back for more if you are unable to work, need rehabilitation, or suffer long-term effects. At Pendergast Law, we offer our clients exceptional qualifications, including being a member of the elite “Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum,” rated 10/10, Superb, by Avvo, a respected lawyer rating service.

Lawsuit Or Settlement?

More than 90 percent of cases we manage are resolved without the need to file a lawsuit, but when it is necessary to take a case to a jury to achieve justice, your case will be in the hands of an attorney who is named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and a true legal professional.

Contact Pendergast Law today for a free case evaluation. You can reach us toll-free at 888-539-9211. We take on cases on a contingency fee basis – no fees unless we win.

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