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Fight Back Against Companies That Put Children In Danger

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society and require the greatest amount of care and protection. Many of the laws and regulations in place in Washington were created to protect children from the many dangers of this world. The last things parents want to worry about are children’s shirts or toys that ultimately prove dangerous to their children.

Manufacturers of toys, clothes, and food are huge companies with numerous lawyers on hand to protect their interests. If your child has been harmed by a dangerous or defective product, you do not have to suffer in silence. Call Pendergast Law at 888-539-9211 and put us to work for you. We will fight for the rights of your children and family.

What Is Product Liability?

Put simply, product liability refers to who is responsible when the goods we buy end up harming us. We live in a world where accidents happen, and sometimes things just go wrong and someone is hurt. However, some things go wrong because someone was careless or ignored a known danger. When manufacturers use inferior or dangerous materials for children’s products or fail to take proper steps to ensure food is safe to eat, these forms of negligence put others in danger.

What Products Tend To Be Dangerous For Children?

When companies cut costs or reduce safety procedures in making children’s products, our loved ones pay the price for their greed and irresponsibility. Dangerous products for children can include a wide range of items, such as:

  • Toys: The danger of toys can come from how they are designed or the materials used in them. Small parts that create a choking hazard are the greatest danger, and hundreds of toys are recalled every year for this very reason.
  • Clothing: Too-flammable clothing leads to thousands of outfits being pulled off the shelves every year. The United States has higher standards for the materials used in children’s clothing, because fire is a real possibility. Other parts, like snaps, buttons, or strings that create strangulation hazards, make up the rest of children’s clothing recalls.
  • Playground equipment: Old playground equipment wasn’t made to the same safety standards that we have nowadays. But when a mistake is made in manufacturing these play parts today, children’s lives can be put in danger. One exposed screw can do untold damage.
  • Food: Every year, we see food recalls and hear news reports about people becoming ill or dying from food contamination. A lot of the time, these are food or drinks meant for children. Children have vulnerable immune systems and cannot fight off illness or infection the way adults can, which makes this especially egregious.

Who Is Responsible For These Dangerous Products?

The company that manufactures a product is typically responsible for ensuring it is safe for general use, especially when it is intended for children. Sellers or distributors may also be partially liable. When a company acts in a way that is not reasonable and it causes harm to other people, that company can be held liable. But proving negligence in a product liability case is very difficult, so you need an experienced Seattle defective product attorney by your side to find evidence and demonstrate how the company failed to protect your child.

If your child has been injured by a dangerous product, take action and call Pendergast Law today at 888-539-9211. Tell us what happened and we can discuss how to move forward.

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