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Injuries Caused By Faulty Truck Brakes

The size and weight of tractor-trailers make them extremely difficult to slow down. It is crucial that a semi-truck have properly functioning brakes. Failing to inspect or maintain brakes on cabs and trailers can have tragic consequences for drivers on the road. Big rigs or tractor-trailers with brake failure can trigger devastating crashes that result in catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

The experienced Seattle truck accident attorneys at Pendergast Law have the resources to thoroughly investigate a truck accident case, trace critical evidence back to negligent parties, and hold them accountable for your injuries.

Brake Problems And Truck Crashes

A recent study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) showed brake problems are the leading cause of large truck crashes in the United States. Of the 120,000 fatal and injury crashes involving at least one truck over a 33-month period, 29 percent involved brake issues. Other factors most commonly attributed to large truck crashes include speeding, driver inexperience, roadway issues, drug use, and fatigue.

Since brake failure is the leading cause of injury crashes involving large 18-wheelers, it is important to review why these types of accidents happen and how they can be prevented. It is common for brakes to overheat, to become suffused with oil and grease, and for the pads to become worn and ineffective.

These types of problems happen because truck drivers and trucking firms fail to inspect or maintain their vehicles. When a braking system fails on a big rig, the entire truck and trailer can jackknife, taking other vehicles with it. Hazardous weather like rain, ice, and snow can escalate the potential of a major accident.

Who Is Liable In A Washington Truck Accident?

There are a number of potentially liable parties when brake failure results in a serious injury accident. Responsible parties include the truck driver, the truck’s mechanics, the company responsible for loading the truck, the owner and operator of the truck, or even the truck manufacturer. With so many potentially liable parties involved, it is important that a thorough investigation take place.

A crash site investigator and a certified truck inspector may be needed to review the accident scene and what may have contributed to the accident. Once it is clear that the brakes failed to work properly, it is then necessary to review who last inspected the truck, if the driver conducted an inspection before making the trip, and when the owner last had the brakes repaired.

Contact A Seattle Faulty Truck Brake Lawyer For Legal Help

A truck accident attorney can work to secure and preserve crucial evidence in such cases, like truck maintenance logs that show when the truck was last inspected or repaired. When such evidence isn’t obtained and preserved right away, it could get lost forever. At-fault parties in such cases can be held accountable for medical bills, lost wages, lost future wages, pain and suffering, the cost of rehabilitation, and other damages.

Pendergast Law has represented truck accident victims for years. We offer free and comprehensive consultations and case evaluations to injured truck accident victims and their families. Contact our Seattle truck brake failure accident lawyers to find out how you can get the support you need to heal and recover from your truck accident injuries.

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