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Were You Injured In An Explosion?

Explosions can happen at home, at work, on the road and just about anywhere else. Burn injuries from explosions can be severe. Explosions can cause horrific pain, immense mental anguish, permanent scarring and disfigurement. When an explosion leads to burn injuries, it must be determined who was responsible for the accident, how it could have been prevented and if the victims are entitled to compensation for their suffering.

The experienced Seattle burn injury team at Pendergast Law have the knowledge it takes to fight for your rights. We can help hold the at-fault parties accountable. We’ll work to make sure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries and significant losses.

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Types Of Explosion Injuries

The proximity of victims to the explosion and other environmental factors often determine how bad the injuries suffered are. Often, people at an explosion are killed. Others may suffer serious burn injuries. In addition to the physical damage, people who experience explosions also tend to suffer psychological and emotional trauma.

Some of the common injuries suffered in explosions include:

  • Amputations
  • Nerve damage
  • Internal organ damage
  • Eye injuries
  • Burns
  • Trauma
  • Burst eardrums

Recovering from these types of serious injuries isn’t only physically challenging, but it can also be expensive. Many victims of explosions are left to cope with lifelong disabilities, permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Protecting Your Rights After An Explosion Burn Injury In Washington

Explosions can be caused by a number of common products, such as liquified petroleum (LP) gas, LP, propane gas, gasoline, natural gas, aerosol spray cans, broken furnaces and defective household appliances. Explosion injuries can result from a car crash or a workplace accident. There are many potential contributing factors whenever an explosion happens, and the resulting injuries are often catastrophic.

Victims of burn injuries caused by explosions can seek financial compensation for their losses by filing personal injury claims. However, explosion-related claims are more complex than other types of injury claims. The science, facts and laws relevant to explosion accidents are complex. It often takes a team of dedicated investigators and other experts to pinpoint the cause of a catastrophic explosion.

Prompt preservation of evidence and investigation may be necessary to protect your legal options. If you were injured on the job, compensation may be available for your medical bills and lost wages through workers’ compensation benefits. If the explosion happened because of a defective product, the manufacturer of the faulty product can be held accountable with a product liability or third-party claim. There are many potentially liable parties you may hold accountable for your suffering.

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