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Seattle Attorneys Provide Pedestrian Safety Tips for Winters in Washington

The winter season in Washington is a blustery but beautiful time of year, with snow covered mountains and snow fall-touched national parks. However, winter can be a challenging time of year for pedestrians in the Evergreen State as slippery sidewalks and driveways as well as icy roads can present unique hazards for those traveling on two feet. Pedestrian safety is a consideration year-round, but as it is especially important during the cold weather months, the following is more information on how pedestrians can stay safe during the winter season.

Proper Clothing

Seattle pedestrians should wear the proper footwear for the weather conditions, such as shoes and boots with appropriate traction. Rain, frost, ice, and snow can make walking on footpaths very dangerous, so proper footwear can help prevent a dangerous slip and fall. Also, walkers should wear gloves in order to break their fall if they do slip, and keep gloved hands hands out of their pockets for the same reason.

As visibility is reduced in snowy or foggy weather conditions, wear high visibility clothing to make yourself more visible to vehicles. Lastly, pedestrians should stay warm but try not to wear any clothing that can impair vision and prevent a person from spotting icy conditions, such as scarves and hats.

When Walking…

While out for a stroll on the roadways of Seattle, pedestrians should cross at crosswalks (if available) and always use extra caution when crossing the road as snow and ice can wreak havoc quickly. Motor vehicles can unfortunately slide on icy roads, so those on two feet should avoid walking in the streets, if possible, in order to avoid a potential accident. Pedestrians should also avoid carrying things while walking in icy conditions, which can throw off a person’s balance.

Walkers with young children should try and avoid pushing little ones in prams or buggies. If you have to use one of these, use extreme caution and walk slowly. If you can’t avoid ice and snow, take shorter, slower steps to reduce the risk of a slip and fall and subsequent injuries, particularly when using the steps at any building as these can be dangerous when covered with snow or ice.

Why Contact a Seattle Winter Weather Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The Washington pedestrian accident attorneys of Pendergast Law understand that though you may take your seasonal safety seriously, drivers of motor vehicles may not, which can threaten the safety of not only those on the road but those walking nearby. A pedestrian accident can leave a person with severe, life-threatening injuries which will likely result in costly medical bills and a lengthy recovery. When your pedestrian accident was caused by the negligence of another party and you need compensation for your injuries, contact a skilled member of our legal team for representation you can count on by calling (888) 228-3860.

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