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3 times passengers could cause a driver to crash

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Car Accidents

As a driver, you will probably understand that sometimes passengers have a lot to answer for and that if they were not in the car, a crash would never have occurred.

Here are some situations where passengers can prove dangerous to their driver and consequently other road users:

When they are restless 

Children can get incredibly restless in a car, especially on a long journey. That can cause them to do all they can to get the driver’s attention. Whether the driver is their parent or someone else, they need to do their best to focus on the road, not the attention-seeking child.

When they are excitable 

Pets can get excited and bounce all over the vehicle, which is why owners must secure them to prevent this. Otherwise, they could distract the driver or even get in the way of their arms or legs, making steering or braking harder.

Even adults can become dangerously excitable, such as when drunk or when heading out in a car to a party with the music on loud. As hard as it can be, the drivers must remain focused on the road, and resist the urge to join in.

When they are argumentative or upset

A driver pulls up late to pick up their passenger. Perhaps it is their spouse or, if the driver is a taxi driver, a client. The passenger is upset about their tardiness and berates the driver, causing them to lose focus. Or, as if often seen between partners, an argument ensues, leading to the driver not only becoming distracted but getting wound up and driving aggressively as a result.

At the end of the day, whatever passengers are doing, the driver has a responsibility to stay focused. If they do not and crash into you, then it’s them you’ll need to hold responsible for compensation, not their passenger.