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Preparing for spring driving hazards in Washington State

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Car Accidents

As the gray skies of winter give way to the budding flowers of spring, Washington State drivers must navigate a unique set of driving hazards that accompany the beauty of the season. Preparing for these challenges can help to ensure greater safety on the roads.

From sudden rain showers to increased pedestrian activity, understanding and anticipating these hazards can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Spring in Washington State is known for its rain, leading to wet and slippery road conditions that reduce tire traction. Slow down during rainstorms, increase your following distance, and ensure your vehicle’s tires, brakes and windshield wipers are in good condition to handle the wet roads.

More than rain

While rainstorms and wet conditions are the most obvious hazards associated with spring, they are not the only concerns that drivers need to anticipate. For example, the freeze-thaw cycle of winter can leave roads riddled with potholes come spring. These road defects can damage vehicles and cause drivers to lose control. When driving in Washington in the spring, stay vigilant, especially on roads you know are prone to potholes, and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you to improve your reaction time and visibility.

Spring also features longer daylight hours, and that introduces the challenge of greater sun glare during morning and evening commutes. Sun glare can affect your ability to see the road – and anything and anyone who may be on it – clearly. By making sure to keep your windshield clean and by wearing sunglasses whenever necessary, you can mitigate the effects of glare more effectively.

Finally, keep in mind that better weather and longer days encourage more pedestrians and bicyclists to share the roads. Drivers should be especially cautious in urban areas, near parks and in school zones. Always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, double-check for bicyclists when turning and be mindful of children playing near streets.

Spring in Washington State is a time of renewal and beauty, but it also inspires potentially consequential driving hazards. By anticipating these dangers, you can minimize your chances of causing or otherwise being involved in a wreck during these warmer months.