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Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2011 | Truck Accident

By Pendergast Law on October 10, 2011

When you’re driving a passenger vehicle, most semi trucks are considerably larger and heavier than you are. If a crash involving the truck occurs, your car and the people inside it are more likely to suffer serious damage than a large and heavy tractor trailer. Help keep yourself and your passengers safe by following these tips, courtesy of the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Leave space

Cutting in front of any vehicle forces the vehicle’s driver to brake or swerve quickly to avoid a crash. However, large trucks have greater momentum and take much longer to slow down or stop than the average car or truck does. Leave plenty of space when merging in front of large trucks so that they do not have to slam on the brakes or swerve, risking a crash.

Stay out of a truck’s blind spots

Tractor-trailers have large blind spots immediately behind, in front of, and on either side of the truck. In order to stay out of these blind spots, leave plenty of space between yourself and a truck. If you must pass, do so quickly and always on the left side of the truck – never the right. Remember, if you cannot see the truck’s driver, the driver probably cannot see you.

Pay attention

Distracted driving in Washington is a major cause of accidents. Avoid cell phone use, eating, or other activities that distract you from the road.

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries to those in other vehicles involved. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash, please don’t hesitate to call the experienced Seattle tractor trailer crash lawyers at Pendergast Law. Our number is 888-539-9211. Your initial consultation is free, and your information is always kept confidential.