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Summer 2016 Sees an Increase in Cyclists on the Road and an Increase in Bike Accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2016 | Bicycle Accident

By Pendergast Law on September 8, 2016

Seattle is known for being a fairly progressive city when it comes to accommodating cyclists on the road. Each day, thousands of Seattle residents hit the streets to commute to work and school. This number exponentially increases in the summer when the temperatures are warm and the weather is mild. As the number of cyclists rises in the summer, so does the number of bike-related accidents.

First Hill Streetcar Dangers

One of the biggest hazards for summer cyclists is the streetcar. While many local commuters are familiar with the dangers of the streetcar tracks, many less experienced cyclists who mostly ride for pleasure are often times caught off guard. Recently, a young lady was enjoying a morning ride with her friends when the tires of her bike became caught in the streetcar tracks near the First Hill streetcar tracks. When her tires became lodged in the track, she flipped over the handlebars and landed face down on the street. Though she was wearing a helmet to reduce the impact of a fall, she subsequently died from her injuries.

Advocates for increased safety measures on Seattle’s roadway have pointed out that this particular stretch of streetcar tracks runs directly adjacent to the bike lane, and there is no signage or barrier to prevent a rider from accidentally riding across the tracks. Other sections of the First Hill Streetcar route include separate bikeways to protect cyclists from riding over the tracks. On top of issues with tires getting caught in tracks, cyclists must also be wary of approaching streetcars and pedestrians crossing the tracks.

South Lake Union Streetcar Dangers

Seattle bike riders have long fought with the local city government over bike route safety. In fact, a group of cyclists recently sued the city regarding the South Lake Union streetcar tracks, which are notorious for causing dangerous accidents that result in injuries and deaths. These riders argued that the city was negligent in constructing streetcar tracks on the right side of the street, where bike riders commonly ride their bikes. If the tracks had been installed in the center of the street, the risk of accidents associated with biking on the tracks would be reduced.

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