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Rise in auto accident deaths in Washington State stokes concern

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Dangerous Road Accident

Traffic safety is a primary focus in the United States and all over the globe. Strategies are being implemented to try and reduce the number of auto accidents with injuries and death. The results have been mixed, especially in Washington State. In fact, Washington has had one of the highest increases in road fatalities in the entire nation.

Since this is such a prevalent challenge, it is imperative for people to pay attention to why these accidents are happening. In addition, if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash or have a loved one who suffered injuries or death, knowing what options are available is critical.

Researchers discuss spike in Washington State road deaths

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission reports that in 2021, road fatalities were the worst they have been in two decades. Experts gathered to discuss the matter. One stated that speed limits were a common denominator in fatalities for pedestrians and bicyclists. If the speed limit was at least 30 miles per hour, 86% of the road fatalities in the state involved a person walking or riding.

Other problems include the way roads are structured. If it is an arterial road and there are multiple lanes, it is more difficult to cross safely. There is also a great distance between crosswalks. This leads to people crossing in the middle of the road.

Another factor is the increased size of vehicles in general. Since so many people are driving SUVs, an accident involving one of these vehicles places people in greater jeopardy of serious injuries and death because they are prone to being hit in the chest, head and neck.

Vision Zero was intended to enhance safety and eventually eliminate road fatalities. This program is being reviewed by the new director of the Seattle Department of Transportation to see where improvements can be made.

Following a collision, having advice can help with the issues that will come up

After an auto accident, people will need extensive help. That includes understanding what can be done to recover compensation, how to calculate all that was lost and learning how to proceed. It is also vital to have compassionate and caring people to offer guidance and advice.

Consulting with professionals who are empathetic and know what victims of auto accidents are going through is key. Calling immediately is essential to deciding on what to do in the aftermath.