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How do people suffer spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Spinal Cord Injury

Injuries affect people in different ways, depending on their severity. The body part that is injured will also determine how it affects people’s lives. One type of injury that can cause significant problems in people’s lives is a spinal cord injury. These injuries vary in severity, but they can completely change people’s lives.

The spine is responsible for sending messages from the brain to various body parts. Spinal cord injuries can prevent those messages from getting to the correct body parts. As the messages do not get to the body part, the body part will not work either. So, these injuries affect much more than just the spinal cord itself.

Common causes of spinal cord injuries

People can sustain these terrible injuries in a variety of ways, but some types of accidents and incidents cause the majority of them. According to a study, the most common cause of spinal cord injuries was car accidents, which accounted for 31.5% of all spinal cord injuries. The next leading cause is falls, accounting for 25.3% of spinal cord injuries. Motorcycle accidents, driving incidents and medical complications also account for several spinal cord injuries.

Based on this study, it is clear that many spinal cord injuries can be the fault of other people besides the victim. As stated above, spinal cord injuries cause many physical problems and they require significant medical treatment as well. If the spinal cord was caused by the negligence of others, the victim should not be left paying for all the costs associated with the injury.

Unfortunately, many people experience spinal cord injuries each year in Washington. If the injury was caused by others, it is important that the victim receives the compensation they need as they adjust to their new life with the spinal cord injury. This compensation includes more than just paying for medical bills. Victims may lose income and also could have significant pain and suffering. Experienced attorneys understand how spinal injuries affect people and could help them receive the compensation they deserve.