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What risk factors could put a teenage driver in danger?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2023 | Car Accidents

Getting behind the wheel always comes with risks, especially when driving in urban areas or unfavorable weather conditions. Even the most experienced drivers might encounter challenges. However, it could be more difficult when the driver is young and inexperienced, much like teenage drivers who recently obtained their licenses.

Collisions involving teenagers happen frequently, with around 2,608 fatalities in 2021 alone. Fortunately, their parents could set rules to help curb the hazards for teenagers. Still, the first step to making preventative measures is by acknowledging the risk factors. The following could contribute to dangers that might lead to fatal crashes involving teens:

  • Lack of experience, skills and maturity
  • Becoming easily distracted, especially if their friends are passengers in the vehicle
  • Tendency to make mistakes while driving
  • Unsteady sense of responsibility for their age
  • Forgetting to fasten seat belts properly
  • Failing to notice signs of fatigue or drowsiness while driving

Unfortunately, these factors are typical for their age. They might be too young to grasp their duties and responsibilities as new drivers. Local agencies might provide a graduated driver licensing system that could help curb these risks by enforcing stricter restrictions for novice drivers. However, parents and the adults in their lives could have a more significant influence on their driving habits.

What can I do to keep teenagers safe?

Most young people look to the adults in their lives to learn and build habits. It is also true with driving. Adults could help by guiding and supervising teenage drivers, including knowledge that comes only with experience. Doing so could improve their rational thinking and decision-making skills, especially in challenging situations.

Additionally, adults should serve as role models for them. By practicing what they teach, adults could help instill lessons that might save a life someday. No one can remove driving hazards. However, better driving habits and thorough practice could reduce the risks for teenage drivers.