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How to spot reckless drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Firm News

It is no secret how dangerous a reckless driver can be, but knowing how to spot them is. When the actions of a driver near you can cost you your life, the actions you take to spot and avoid them can decide how safe you are on the road. Thankfully, by recognizing these signs of a reckless or negligent driver, you can avoid them and protect yourself and your passengers:


When a driver has difficulty staying in their own lane, there can be a number of reasons for it. Eating, checking the GPS, taking a phone call and even intoxication can all affect a driver’s ability to drive in a straight line.

Lack of signaling

A driver who does not use turn signals before changing lanes or turning can indicate they are either not attentive to their surroundings or they are distracted by something. If you see someone who is failing to communicate with others on the road, make a point to keep your distance from them.

Aggressive driving

When someone is engaging in tailgating, frequently honking their horn or pursuing another car on the road, it is a clear sign they are engaging in road rage. It only takes a moment for them to cause a devastating accident, so be sure you allow them to gain distance from you down the road.


This is often the hardest sign to spot because of how quickly these drivers can catch up to and pass you. Be sure to keep an eye on your rear-view mirrors to look for any sudden movement from cars behind you who may be avoiding a speeding car, or be the speeder themselves. Additionally, even when a speeding car passes you well down the road, keep an eye out for any accidents they may cause ahead of you.

Be wary of others on the road

Any driver around you has the potential to be a reckless driver. Watch out for these tell-tale signs of a dangerous driver. When knowing how to spot these drivers can save your life, it is important to keep your eyes on those around you while driving.